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Why get social?

There are more than 3 BILLION social media users worldwide, that is a marketplace that cannot be overlooked!



Let us create your vision. From the very beginning we can inspire and empower you to excel with creative dominance in your sector. Allow us to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

  Implementing the brand across your online platforms


  Creative professional photography 

 Drone Photography & Videography

Our videographer can script, film and edit a series of short videos for news, case studies or behind the scenes at your business.

 Bring alive your brand in a ten second LIVING LOGO with music and effects to maximise your brand and culture.



The VERY SOCIAL Tiff Box Investment. Following a meeting, we will outline an integrated Marketing strategy we believe you require, which will be personalised for your brand.

  Write a minimum of two social releases per week for use across social platforms. 

  Promote your releases across media relations to generate reactive opportunities such as regular media comment opportunities, for media feature inclusion

•  Ongoing social media community management including proactive posting, 24/7 engagement and timely customer reaction where required

  Assistance with community-engagement and provision of registered artwork as required

Creating a space your customers will LOVE

We’ll research your industry and niche and create content that engages your followers and puts your brand in front of a vast marketplace. We put thought into every piece of content we create, and can even cater some of your posts to current events to establish a personable social media presence and engage a wider audience.

Stress-free, easy set up

Don'y worry if you don’t have any social media channels set up already – we’ll do it for you for free as part of your package, and even create you some on brand header banners with your logo to help you look the part!

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